Faculty News

In cooperation with the American Embassy in Amman, Faculty of Physical Education organizes a training course in basketball

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ziad Al-Saad, opened a training course for students in basketball sport, organized by the American Embassy in Amman in cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education, in the presence of Deputy Cultural Attaché at the US Embassy.

Al Saad appreciated this active initiative from the US Embassy which will rehabilitate the students of the Faculty of Physical Education and develop their abilities in basketball sport, which will positively reflect...

Vice President for Academic Affairs meets the family of the Faculty of Physical Education

The Vice President for Academic Affairs met with Dr. Ziad Al Saad, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, where the meeting was held to clarify the importance of the university proficiency exam and the need to improve students' results.
Al Saad highlighted the importance of the exam, which has become one of the most important criteria used in the classification of Jordanian universities, evaluating the performance of its departments and using it as a basis for accreditation and...

Participate in the Carnival program on the channel Roya

The participation of (5) students of the Faculty of Physical Education in the program Carnival, prepared by the channel Revaya on Wednesday, 5/4/2017 episode entitled "Sports fitness, bodybuilding and hormone risks" in the presence of Vice President of the Union of bodybuilding

Scientific Journey to Hamamat Afra

Recently, the Faculty of Physical Education organized a scientific journey to Hamamat Afra as an extracurricular activity for female students of the swimming courses supervised by Dr. Wisal Alrabadi. The journey aimed to introduce the students to the area and its amazing view. Hamamat Afra became an important tourist destination due to its mineral water stemming among rose rocks. Natural Water that is running from 15 sources at 45-51 C° flows at the strength of around 500 l/s. Therefore,...