Faculty News

Scientific Journey to Hamamat Afra

Recently, the Faculty of Physical Education organized a scientific journey to Hamamat Afra as an extracurricular activity for female students of the swimming courses supervised by Dr. Wisal Alrabadi. The journey aimed to introduce the students to the area and its amazing view. Hamamat Afra became an important tourist destination due to its mineral water stemming among rose rocks. Natural Water that is running from 15 sources at 45-51 C° flows at the strength of around 500 l/s. Therefore,...

Volleyball game between Arab Community and Jordanian students

Faculty of physical education organized a volleyball game between Arab Community students and Jordanian students. Professor Ali Al-Deiry, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, attended the game that took place on Tuesday 26/4/2016 in the volleyball hall of the faculty. Result of the game was 2-0 for the Arab Community students.

Jordanian Olympic Committee with faculty of physical education

In corporation with the faculty of physical education, Jordanian Olympic Committee organized a lecture about Olympic Games values. This event occurred on 27/4/2016 at 11.00 and was attended by a number of students and lecturers from the faculty

Sport Agreement between Yarmouk University and Russian Academy

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Yarmouk University, Professor Fayez Abu Arida, signed a cooperation agreement with Sport Science Academy in Moscow about lecturers' exchange and conference participations. This agreement is a resultant of the recent visit to Moscow by Professor Abu Arida and Professor Hasan Alwadian, Vice-Dean, where they attended a scientific conference organized by the Sport Science Academy in Moscow in the period of 19-21 June 2015. Professors Abu Arida and...