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Vice President for Academic Affairs meets the family of the Faculty of Physical Education

The Vice President for Academic Affairs met with Dr. Ziad Al Saad, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, where the meeting was held to clarify the importance of the university proficiency exam and the need to improve students' results. Al Saad highlighted the importance of the exam, which has become one of the most important criteria used in the classification of Jordanian universities, evaluating the performance of its departments and using it as a basis for accreditation and quality assurance. It is also an important criterion that takes a number of points for recruitment at the Civil Service Bureau. And the need for intensive and thoughtful preparation of the exam by the university administration and faculty members and students, to produce results worthy of the distinguished scientific and academic reputation of Yarmouk, which we are proud of all, especially that the accreditation body of higher education institutions responsible for organizing the exam The results of the university proficiency examination shall be a condition for the graduation of the student from his or her university. Al-Saad indicated that the university administration is seeking to take a number of steps to address the academic and procedural issues associated with the exam, noting that the exam includes the general level that measures the general outputs and competencies, which all the programs offered by higher education institutions are expected to develop for graduates so that they can keep up The requirements of the professional and social life, and the precise level that measures the special and accurate outputs and competencies that the programs offered by institutions of higher education are expected to develop among their graduates in their fields of specialization. "Our primary function is to compare, adapt, conform, and align the study plans and the cognitive areas of each college with the knowledge areas measured by the university's proficiency test," said Saad. Al-Saad reviewed the results achieved by Yarmouk in the university proficiency exam and the averages of answers at the general level to achieve the main competencies of the university proficiency exam, namely scientific research and interpretation of results, critical thinking, information culture, knowledge of rights and duties, rules and ethical behavior, mathematical and verbal treatment, communication and computer skills and ability to learn And the organizational and leadership skills, adding that the degree of cutting that expresses the student's access to the degree of proficiency based on the available results has been adopted and considered (55%) at the general level. He also reviewed the analysis of the reality of the exam in the specialization of physical education at the level of specialized competencies, which include curricula, teaching and learning in specialization, management, application and the field of specialization, health aspects and injuries in the field, and skills in the field of logical thinking and quantitative skills in the field of specialization, Specialization. Al-Saad pointed out that the administration of the university relies heavily on the Faculty of Physical Education in the field of attracting Arab and foreign students, which requires concerted efforts of all to improve the level of performance of students in the university proficiency exam, which will make a positive impact on the scientific level of Yarmouk. He pointed out that there are a number of variables and factors affecting the results of the exam, including what we can control and change it for the better, such as methods of teaching and evaluation, and make sure that the student achieve the required learning outcomes of the study plans, and the seriousness of the student in dealing with the exam. He also stressed the importance of preparing a plan for each college to introduce students to the nature of the exam, how to prepare it, and time management during the exam. The meeting also examined a number of proposals that should be applied to improve the performance of students in the exam, To encourage students and to be present with them on the day of the exam and encourage them, calling on the faculty members to make more efforts to raise the general level of Yarmouk University in the university proficiency exam. The faculty members also expressed their readiness to take all necessary measures to raise the level of the college students in the results of the university proficiency exam, improving their academic reputation and increasing the competitiveness of their graduates in the local and Arab labor market