The Department of Sport Science was established in 1996 under the supervision of the Faculty of Physical Education.  The responsibility is the teaching of sport science courses and to provide students with knowledge and experience in Lab research and applying to the field of sport.

The Sport Science Department consists of (21)members. There are Full- Professors (n=9),  Associate Professors(n=4), Assistant Professors (n=2), Teachers (n=5), and One teaching assistant.  Faculty members majored in and are specialized in different subjects of Sport Science courses provided by the Faculty of Physical Education for undergraduate and graduate students.  The Department includes Master's program in Sport Science.

The goal of the Department is teaching the science courses in the field of Physical Education.

The Department provides lectures for teachers and  students in public schools and training programs for applying the field to enhance student performance.  Faculty members participate in Sport Conventions nationally and internationally, and some are members of sport federations.  The Department consists of Labs (Biomechanics, Physiology, Sport Injury and Rehabilitation, and Peak Performance center.

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