Equipments of the faculty of physical education:

  • Swimming Pool:

    The pool is used by students for lectures requirements along with practical and learning course.

  • Computer Laboratory

    Contains more than 10 computers which are specialized for e-learning and registration as well as any service the students need.

  • Biomechanics Laboratory:
    It concludes Infrared Control System, Clock Counter, 63501IR, USA that measure the time during motion. It also Contains some machines that measure the velocity, distance, and range of motion. The laboratory presents services for graduate students.
  • Physiology Laboratory:
    It concludes treadmill and ergometer cycle instruments which are used for measuring the physical fitness. Blood lactate and glucose parameters are also included.
  • Physiotherapy Laboraory:
    The instruments available in this laboratory are used for learning students about mechanisms of injuries treat. These instruments including, ultrasound, infrared, and traction machines. It also includes medical heat wax and electroheat waves.
  • Lectures Halls:
    The number of halls for learning are ten in both departments.