The Faculty of Physical Education organized a seminar about "Athletes nutrition and safe use of supplements". Vice President of Yarmouk University, professor Fawwaz Abed Al-Haq, said that this topic is very important and that our students need to increase their knowledge about nutrition. Professor Nabeel Al-Shamrookh, dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, added that the faculty has always been seeking for increasing students' awareness about healthy behaviours and avoiding potential health issues. Engineer Ahmad Al-Shiyyab from Jordan Food & Drug Administration talked about the policy of importing and selling supplements regardless their use for weight loss or muscular building. Athletes should focus on proteins that come from milk, eggs, meet, creatine and other supplements that contribute in developing their performance. However, AL-Shiiyab warned from an inappropriate use of nutrition particularly related to the hormones. To avoid misunderstanding, and to become familiar with allowed (forbidden) supplements it has been recommended to students to visit Jordan Food & Drug Administration website.