When Professor Ali AlDeiry became a dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Yarmouk University his efforts focused on the strategic plans for future development of the faculty. One of the Professor AlDeiry priorities within the plan was repairing and preparing the swimming pool through changing its filters and fans. The swimming pool work was achieved within 6 days and Professor AlDeiry signed a tender of 120,000JD for the swimming pool maintenance.

The Board of Directors of the Scientific Research Support Fund decided during the regular meeting of the Council to discuss the results and reports of the judges of the Scientific Research Support Fund Award (Distinguished Researcher and Distinguished Research) for 2015, which was chaired by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. For the distinguished research of 2016 researcher Dr. Mohamed Fayez from Yarmouk University, in the field of human and social sciences and national security in all its specializations (educational and psychological sciences, Islamic and legal studies, social sciences, literature, languages ​​and arts). (87/100) The minimum score for success in the area of ​​the Award is 80/100.

Among 40,000 athletes Ahmed Fathi Samour, a 3rd year student of Physical Education at Yarmouk University, won 3rd place in 10km running during the recent Arab championship that took place in Beirut. Congratulations Ahmed!